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halfWe’re halfway to the end of the year! This is a good time to reflect on our journey, and to thank you for your efforts as partners in your child’s education. It’s remarkable how much growth the kids have shown, from learning skills and critical thinking to their growth as caring members of our learning community. To foster self-reflection, try asking your child to compare how s/he is different now from the start of the year. What things can s/he do now that s/he couldn’t before? What things does s/he still want to learn (goals) and how can we get there? It’s also a good time to begin learning about fractions and the concept of 1/2: http://leaderinlearning.wordpress.com/2011/10/19/how-to-teach-halving/

heartsValentine’s Day is coming! We will exchange valentines in class on Friday, 2/14. If your child will be bringing valentines in for classmates, please be sure there is one for everyone. There are currently 20 students in our class. I will send home a list of names this week. If you’d like to send in a special snack with your child that day (cupcake, etc.), we’ll also be making valentine placemats for the occasion.

100dayThe 14th also marks the 100th day of school! Next week we will develop number sense and explore some of the many patterns that make up this remarkable number. I will also set up a “100 Day Museum” to show off student projects and learning. I encourage you to create a poster/collection/display/etc. that somehow represents 100. Guidelines: nothing so large it cannot be carried on the bus; nothing alive (!); something that shows an understanding of number or patters such as: grouping objects (stickers/pennies/etc.) in bags or on a poster that shows counting by 5s, 10s, 2s, etc.; writing or drawing addition and subtraction up to and within 100; a display of a collection of 10s and 1s in 2 digit numbers; splitting 100 into halves, quarters, fifths; looking for and coloring in patterns on a hundred grid (there are many, as we have learned in class!). More ideas can be found by Googling 100 day projects with Google images, and at: http://www.kidsplayandcreate.com/100th-day-of-school-projects-for-kids/  and   http://www.pinterest.com/joyteach/100-day-ideas/


This Friday marks Lunar New Year and is celebrated by Chinese and Chinese Americans nationwide. We will learn a little about customs long ago and today (history); our place and that of China in the world (mapping); and the ways in which people celebrate this holiday similar to those in Europe and North America (culture). My home town of Boston puts on a great display in and around Chinatown, including parades, food, and family-friendly events. I encourage you to take a trip in: http://www.eventbrite.com/directory?q=chinese+new+year+festival&loc=Boston%2C+MA

11949856271997454136tasto_2_architetto_franc_01_svg_medIn math this week, we will be reviewing and taking a test on unit 5 skills. The homework will be from the packet on Monday and Tuesday; be on the lookout for separate, marked homework pages for Wednesday and Thursday.

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